stand up and take it

McSteamy once said:

“Say it loud and go from there.

If you love somebody, you tell ’em, even if you’re scared.”

And so Jackson decided to say it outloud.

Seriusan yaaaaaaah….udah dua malem susah tidur kepikiran adegan ini terus. Dan tega-teganya adegan gantung gini ditaro pas sebelum mid season break. Literally total eclipse of the heart for me.

And listen to what Jackson had to say to April! Hatiku meleleeeeeeh. Grey’s anatomy has a way to rip out your heart again and again every episode.

Sholat tahajud dulu deh….mau berdoa supaya Jackson and April will finally be together. Walaupun I kinda like that Matthew guy juga sih.



  1. hhahaa jangan bilang iyaa dong hahaha

    1. aku malah pengen april bilang iyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
      jackson kan gateng…hahahahha

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